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Innovative technologies for hotels in 2022

Hotels have heavily relied on technologies both before and during the pandemic with booking software systems and ...

Hotels have heavily relied on technologies both before and during the pandemic with booking software systems and comparison sites becoming more prominent. Smart technologies, robots and AI are also beginning to become commonplace as hoteliers embrace new technologies to enhance guest experience. 

"We look at technology as something that enhances the humanity, not to replace the humanity." - Elie Maalouf, CEO of the Americas, InterContinental Hotels Group

With an ocean of innovative tech designed for hotels and hospitality, it can be an overwhelming task to prioritise the needs of each individual hotel. Hotel tech report says "49% of hoteliers are prioritising upgrades to revenue-related software and operations-enhancing software in 2021." There is also more emphasis on technology that helps to reduce overall costs and increases efficiency. 

"They [the software] have to increase productivity and efficiency because we owe that to our customers and owners" - Elie Maalouf, CEO of the Americas, InterContinental Hotels Group

Innovative technology for hotels

What do innovative technologies for Hotels in 2022 look like?

Guest Apps

The rise of mobile apps provided hoteliers with the opportunity to offer their guests a unique stay and experience all through their mobiles and personal devices. Innovative technologies have shifted towards a 'mobile concierge' where guests can access hotel facilities, book rooms, view local recommendations and even order room service straight from any mobile device. 

These apps provide hoteliers with seamless guest experiences, tracking capabilities and valuable data to help improve guest touchpoints. Criton takes hotel guest apps to the next level by also providing digital room keys and mobile check-in and check-out systems.

“With Criton, hoteliers can reduce touchpoints, declutter their properties and create their own branded app to give everything guests need on their own phone, the only platform they know and trust." - Criton founder and CEO, Julie Grieve

Infrared Detectors

Infrared detectors have been used by some hotels to enhance their guest's experiences by allowing housekeeping to detect room occupancy. TIS is leading the way with their range of smart technologies for properties. 

Preventative Maintenance

Having a powerful preventative maintenance system for your hotel could be the difference between costly downtime of assets and a more efficient running of operations. Facilities and maintenance teams can be well prepared by introducing preventative maintenance measures on expensive or essential assets thereby saving costs, reducing downtime and ensuring a seamless guest experience. 

FaultFixers has an incredibly powerful PPM (Planned Preventative Maintenance) feature that allows teams to schedule essential maintenance tasks and assign relevant team members to keep on top of asset maintenance. 

Technology for hotels

"FaultFixers proudly supports maitnenance and facilities teams with their day-to-day maintenance and planned preventative tasks. Our goals is to empower teams with innovative software that reduces costs, improves productivity and helps the environment!" - FaultFixers CEO, Tom O'Neill

Take a look at how the FaultFixers maintenance software for hotels can help improve the guest experience for your hotel with our free tour.

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Robot Concierge 

As technologies improve we are now beginning to see robots in hotels that support busy teams with day-to-day tasks. Robots became even more prominent when COVID-19 had forced many travellers to quarantine and hoteliers responded to social distancing duties with robot room deliveries. 

"For guests who prefer contactless deliveries, Rosé [the "social distancing robot ambassador"] provides them with peace of mind as she can deliver items to their suite," - Scott Satterfield, General Manager of Hotel Trio.

In-room Tech

Touchscreen thermostats, interactive TVs, room tablets and even smart showers have become popular within recent years. Hotels are looking for even more unique guest experiences and why not do this with a shower that automatically adjusts heat according to your body temperature? 

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